The online courses of “CHED – Chess platform for deaf people” (project number: 613577-EPP-1-2019-1-RO-SPO-SCP) are now available through the platform. 

The courses have been realized following the concept of interaction. In fact, they include an interactive chessboard and movements in 2D.   

The main objective of this innovative aspect is to make the non-formal training attractive and more easily understandable. In fact, they include both explanation in SL with interpreters and subtitles, so the training is truly complete.  

The courses are the representation of the chess scenarios previously developed, which are the bases of the training. All the Consortium collaborated in the realization of the scenarios and the courses, recording videos with interpreters of the SLs of each country and providing assessment tools for each module. 

The courses are available in the platform, divided in the structure defined at the beginning of the project: initiation, basic, intermediate and advanced. 

You can start the training here.

You can know more by visiting the project Facebook page! 

Also here, you can read more about other developed results:  

– Report to meet the needs of deaf people in sport 

Curriculum and lists of skills 

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